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Community Rules

1. Wait until your application has been accepted before posting. It won't be accepted by the moderators.
1a. Please check to make sure whatever character you want to pick up isn't already taken. We have a tagging system, as well as a list of taken characters that is, overall, pretty accurate.

2. This is a laid back comm, let's try to keep it that way. So, let's keep our drama llamas in our pants. If you have a problem, try to resolve it peacefully. In all cases...

3. ASK THE MODS when in doubt. They're fed regularly and tent not to bite.

4. There are characters out there who have lots of different versions -- there's at least three different versions of Spider Man, for instance. We're just fine with accepting these characters, but in that case, please make sure you note the difference somehow -- put "OU/Comic/Movie" after their name in their profile, use a certain set of icons (comic icons for a comic version of a character), etc. We leave this up to you how to do it, but make sure we can tell!

5. Godmoding isn't allowed. This means forcing another character, through your posts, to respond or act in a certain way. Note, however, that having the permission of that character's player to do so does not count as godmoding, and thus is no problem. Remember the golden rule: Ask first!

6. Tags are your friends! Please tag every entry you make or tag into with that character's tag. It helps keep track of who's been where.

7. Activity checks will take place once every 3 months. If you do not reply during the week given, your character will be withdrawn from the community. Should you contact a Mod within a month after being removed, you can rejoin without having to fill out an application.

8. Please make sure we have some way of contacting you. A screen name (AIM, Yahoo) is preferred, but not required -- even email will work.

9. Use only the journal of the character accepted. Do not use your personal journal, nor any other journal. For your character, please only use the journal you applied with. Your personal journal can, however, be used in the OOC com.
9a. We understand that in certain cases there may be a second, attached journal, such as in the case of a superhero wherein you want to distinguish between their costumed identity and their secret identity. In that case, please inform the mods in your application so this can be accommodated.


When people arrive in Hillview Falls, they're going to be ignored initially because they're nothing like everyone else. The original people of our new home do not like change. So asking them will not help you, because they'll just avoid you. However, there are some who will help you.

The Landlord, Vito, will take newbies in and give them a place to live in his apartments with one month rent free. Vito is a right, high class business men, and despite his cold, hard exterior, he really does have a soft spot for people suddenly finding themselves thrust upon Hillview Falls. If you don't run into Vito right away, policemen will direct you to his office on the ground floor of the apartment blocks. (Feel free to just suddenly have an apartment, if you find that easier in the long run.)

Each apartment comes with their own personal cleaning robot. Apartments have other accommodations such as a food replicator and instant laundromat. Calls can be conducted with a video option or you can send personal messages from your very own home computer!

Ronald, the Principal of the local school is particularly kind, but in a somewhat creepy way. Interpret at will. And possibly stay away. Unless you want a job in the school...of course.

The twins that run the observatory are rather creepy as well. And just why is the weather always so perfect and it only seems to rain every other Thursday?

As for money, each new resident will be issued a credit account card. There is no other currency. Each card can only be accessed by the individual, via a thumb print reader on the card. It's so much easier to keep track of you...r finances.
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