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Hillview Falls
Out of Character Community
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21st-Sep-2014 11:40 pm - Calling it?
To ease my troubled mind
As there's been about zero action in this community for well over 6 months (me included)...

I'm thinking of calling it quits, guys.

I'm looking at applying at hearts_andminds if anyone wants to follow me there.

We gave it a good try.

If anyone wants to take over as mod, let me know, I will be more than happy to see if you can revive it. I'll let you in on the plot ideas we had, or you can scrap it entirely for your own idea.
17th-Jan-2014 12:32 am - Activity post!
If you wanna stay, let me know. You have a week, or two if I like you, or you're out and your character is officially open for someone else to play.

So there.

/slinks off to fill week old tags
26th-Nov-2013 08:24 pm - It's about that time again...
Turlough + Tea = OTP
So I'll use this as an activity post and a plot post...

I had an idea for a plot... sort of. Very loosely... I'm not good at this. Go watch "The World's End" and I'm thinking Hillview Falls = Newton Haven...

Or something similar. I wouldn't mind a total apocalypse. I love that shit.

Also let me know if you're still here or what not.

1st-Sep-2013 12:49 am - Okay then...
Trust your feelings.
Since only three of us have posted at all in the past 6 months, I guess that's how it is...

I'm so bummed out and let down right now.

But like I said, playing hardball, so I'm freeing up those other characters.

If you want them back, let me know, but don't expect to keep them and ignore the comm for half a year. Again.

26th-Aug-2013 03:42 pm - Friendly Modly reminder...
Colors run when the rain falls
That there are five days left in the activity check before I clear out characters. Post here to let me know who intends to stick around.

Additionally there are three threads who have no replies to them, so getting active there, even if your character is only just arriving would be a perfect place to start.

One of them is my character, the other two are Crys' and neither of us have replied to each other's because out of the three people who ARE active, well, it wouldn't be fair to others would it?

Sirius Black and George Weasley in the town square need some first aid.

Isaac Parrish in the diner, stark naked.

Syrena hanging about by the lake.

I mean, I think two weeks is plenty of time to remind people who joined a group that it needs them, right? Unless you're in a coma or in space or something. Anyway, should you find your character has been removed from the list, contact me where ever and if you start actually playing I'll put them back up/add you back to the group.
16th-Aug-2013 12:49 am - Activity Check
Official activity check.

Please comment with the characters you play. If you want to drop a character, let me know.

Anyone who does not reply to this thread in two weeks time will be taken off the "Taken Characters" list and dismissed from the community.

If you are dismissed from the community and wish to rejoin, you only have to join the community again, but by god, man, you better play this time!

(Harold Marvin, reporter icon is srs bns.)
12th-Aug-2013 11:47 pm - MOD POST - Listen up, bitches.
Trust your feelings.
Okay, I'ma start putting the smack down over here.

1. Activity

Activity checks will be every three months and if you don't respond in a week I'm kicking you out. BOOM DONE.

Ok, not that harsh. Since we're streamlining the application process, and since you were a member before if you just join again, then I'll accept you back. But be prepared to play. Or, you know, post more than once a month. Or ever. Not every character you have has to be active/playing, but it would be nice to know you are still alive.

Point is: none of this joining and not posting at all for over six months. Which more than half of the members on here are guilty of.

I'm crackin' down! Whippin' this place into shape!

2. Applications

Activity isn't the only problem. Getting people to join hasn't been easy either. The last person to join only came because I pretty much poked them to death on dear_mun about it. (Look Daryl! It's your old pal Parrish in the diner and he naekd!)

So I'm about to take a look at our current application process and figure out how to make it easier.

3. OC and AUs.

They're now allowed. It's been something I've been thinking over for a while. Since they are allowed, would we need a new category other than pan-fandom now? I'm not sure. I've never been in a comm that allows such.

4. Comments, Suggestions, Questions?
Trust your feelings.
And now summer is over...

Honestly I feel like I've done everything I know to do to try and get my comm to work and I feel like it's just out of my hands. I can get people to join but I can't get anyone to play. I've been stupid stressed over it and it shouldn't be. It should be fun. But this time at least I've figured out it's not my fault.

So I don't know what to do. I feel like even asking for suggestions won't make a difference. I feel like it's been all up to me and like I'm the only person that's been trying here. (I know that's not true, but it's just how my brain is working right now. It's the depression/anxiety talking.)

I want to keep going. I want to keep trying. I just don't know what else to do.
17th-Apr-2013 03:14 am - Okay, I'll just say it...
Trust your feelings.

Where did everyone go?

I knew we have people who haven't even posted yet.

I know we have some people that just joined.

But the end of January, guys...

Spring has sprung, let's get crackin!
12th-Jan-2013 01:19 am - RE: The Nexus
Ease my mind with words of doubt
So for those of us that came from the Nexus to here... And those of us with character that just haven't shown up yet...

I had an idea. I kinda thought of it with Murdock in mind because I'm evil. But anyway...

What if those characters are experiencing the very worst of the creature attacks? I mean buildings on fire, don't go out at night or your DEAD kind of scary?

Just a thought for those that haven't brought in some characters yet, that's all.
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